Some interesting speculation was put out at the end of the latest episode of Rebel Force Radio, where hosts Jason and Jimmy discussed an email they received from a fan attending Rhode Island Comic Con where Billy Dee Williams had a panel hosted by his manager on November 2nd.

Towards the end of the panel Billy Dee is asked about his role on of Leroy Jethro Moore on NCIS and if there was any plans for him to return to the show. Following this Billy Dee’s manager then asks the audience if they have seen the show and then also asks the audience if they had seen Billy Dee on Modern Family. Billy Dee then says, ” I am about to go off and do something with Netflix.” His manager interjects, “Oh right, the pilot.” Billy Dee continues, “Next week on Monday…Tuesday” His manager then asks, “What is the name of it?” To which Billy Dee replies somewhat unsure, “Uh.” Until his manager once again interjects and says “Rebels.” At this point Billy Dee continues saying, “Uh, Rebels but I can’t talk about it.” His manager continues, “your not allowed to talk about it.” Billy Dee continues, “I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about it.” His manager then says, “Whoops.” A member of the audience then asks, “Is it Star Wars Rebels?” To this Billy Dee’s manager quickly responds, “No!” and moves on to the next question.

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