New LEGO Star Wars sets are starting to leak on-line from what appears to be a preliminary catalog listing from LEGO. The news was first brought to my attention by Twitter user Colin Hervat

The Hungarian website has a listing of the LEGO Star Wars products including the new 2014 items. The website also has a listing including item numbers for the new sets.


The french website points us towards a pair of Statigram and Flickr accounts that have some pictures from what may be a preliminary Summer 2014 LEGO product catalog.

LegoSW1 LegoSW2 LegoSW3

If you look at the bottom of the AT-AT set it appears that we may be getting a partial view of the Ghost set #75053.


Jedi News has some interesting comments about the LEGO Star Wars listings but I will focus on the ones that may have some Rebels connection.

Phantom – #75048 – Ages 7-12 – Pieces: Unknown – Price £24.99 – guessing that this is from the new animated TV show Rebels which will air later this year on Disney XD, especially based on the reduced age range. Perhaps this is a ship related to the Inquisitor – time will tell.
Jedi Hunter Frontier – #75051 – Ages 8-14 – Pieces: 490 – Price £59.99 – we expect this to be the Inquisitors ship from the new animated TV show Rebels.
The Ghost – #75053 – Ages 9-14 – Pieces: Unknown – Price £89.99 – we already know this to be the ship used by the Rebels in the new animated TV series of the same name coming later this year.
It is interesting to note that Jedi Hunter Frontier #75051 has four mini-figures in it, Jek-14, an Ithorian Jedi Master, an RA-7 Protocol Droid, and an black and yellow/grey Astromech Droid. It is even more interesting that the Jek-14 figure is different than the previous one which was included in Jek-14’s Stealth Starfighter set #75018. The Jek-14 figure in set #75051 appears to be in armor based of of Imperial Stormtroopers instead of Clonetroopers. Whether this means Jek-14 will appear on Star Wars Rebels or that we will be getting more animated LEGO adventures featuring him isn’t clear.

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