South African LEGO retailer has released item descriptions and piece counts for two LEGO Star Wars Rebels sets coming in Summer of 2014.

The Ghost: Item No: 75053, Ages: 9 – 14, Pieces: 929
Pilot The Ghost with 2 cockpits, 360-degree rotating gun turret, spring-loaded shooters, detachable escape pods, Holocron and more.
Product Summary: Join the Rebel heroes aboard The Ghost!
Get ready to battle the Empire with the Rebel heroes’ awesome starship – The Ghost – as seen in the thrilling Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series! Stay on course with Rebel minifigures in the two cockpits and put Zeb on patrol in the 360-degree rotating Join the Rebel heroes aboard The Ghost!
Phantom: Item No: 75048, Ages: 7 – 12, Pieces: 234
Take on evil Imperial forces in The Phantom with opening cockpit, 2-way spring-loaded shooter, rear cargo compartment and more.
Product Summary: Fly The Phantom into battle against the evil Empire!
Join the Rebel resistance against the evil Empire in The Phantom attack shuttle, as seen in the exciting Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series! Place young Rebel hero Ezra Bridger in the detachable cockpit and store his cadet helmet and blaster in the carg(o compartment) Fly The Phantom into battle against the evil Empire!
So it appears that we have the names to two of the show’s main characters Zeb and Ezra Bridger.

This seems to back up the guess that we made based on a shot of note cards from the Star Wars Rebels offices. On the note cards the name Kanan and Ezra seem to appear.

It is interesting that there only appears to be one character with the surname Bridger in Star Wars canon and that is Jedi Quartermaster Waldan Bridger. Bridger was a Jedi Knight who died in 20 BBY at General Grievous. Star Wars Rebels is set in 5 BBY, it is possible that Zeb and Ezra could be siblings and they could be related to Waldan Bridger.

Based on the description it appears that Ezra is a male, but it isn’t clear about Zeb’s gender. It also appears that they may have been Imperial cadets on Lothal or elsewhere before striking out on their own. Perhaps they had their own Han Solo meets Chewbacca moment.


It also appears that I was mistaken in assuming the name for the Ghost‘s shuttle was the Wolf. It turns out that the name of this assault shuttle will be the Phantom.

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