With the recent announcements about the Star Wars Expanded Universe becoming the Legends line, there was some question about what the status of the short stories in Star Wars Insider magazine were going forward. Insider issue #150 has an article about the new Star Wars canon and the Legends line. Included in that article is the announcement that those Insider stories would be part of the new canon being directed the Lucasfilm Story Group.

The first of these canonical Insider short stories are ‘Blade Squadron’ by David J Williams and Mark S. Williams. The first part of the ‘Blade Squadron’ story is in issue #149 and the second part appears in issue #150 by the same authors.

Seo: 5 Crucual Do’s and Don’ts

If you own an online business in Vancouver, SEO should be a huge part of your digital marketing campaign. And it’s important that you are aware of what strategies do and do not work today. Let’s take a moment to discuss a few SEO do’s and don’ts.

DO: Use Analytics

Sure, you can use all of the seo tips and tricks you like, but if you aren’t monitoring your progress then they are all virtually useless. If you own an online business in Vancouver SEO analytics programs should be one of your main tools. If you want to be effective you have to pay attention to what works and what does not. The online world changes from day to day. With each new platform comes new requirements, so you should always use some form of analytics in order to figure out which techniques have become outdated or ineffective.

DON’T: Overuse keywords

Keywords help to bring in relevant traffic. That’s why it can be tempting to overuse these words. However, stuffing your website with certain words, also known as ‘keyword stuffing’ can cause your website to be penalized. Sure, search engines want you to be very clear about what type of content you offer, but overusing keywords can serve as a source of annoyance to users which causes them to leave you site quickly.

DO: Optimize Images

When creating content for a website, it’s extremely easy to forget that images can be a source of ranking. Search engines scan the pictures on your website to get to know a little bit more about the type of content you offer. By taking the time to add alt-text to the images on your website, you’re making them more visible. You can even add short descriptions to them so that they can be easily traced and placed in their proper categories.

DON’T: Over link to External sites

Linking to another website helps search engines to properly categorize your website. It’s also a great way to build valuable relationships within the online community. However, placing too many outbound links in your content could make it look spammy. And if users find your content too difficult to read or become distracted by the links, it could lead to a high bounce rate and affect your rankings.

DO: Ensure Website Is Mobile Responsive

With each passing day, more and more users are using their phones to surf the web. That’s why it’s so surprising to see that some website are not catering to this type of traffic. It’s very important that your website be set up so that it is easy for people to view on their phones. This means that all links and buttons should be easy to click on and are large enough to be activated with one’s thumb. By ensuring your site is mobile friendly, you get more traffic and have a lower bounce rate which is a great signal to search engines.

There are several in order to improve the ranking of your website. Not only will they increase your traffic, but they can also lead to increased conversion rates. However, you should also be aware of the mistakes that many people make when optimizing their website. By keeping these do’s and don’ts in mind you can get the most out of your digital marketing campaign.

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