Since August 2012 we have known that Lucasfilm was working on a secret animation project. At that time it was revealed that Brave co-director Brenda Chapman was hired as a consultant at Lucasfilm working on a “mystery project.”

This week’s Rebel Force Radio discusses a project that was in production at some point previously at Lucasfilm with the working title, “Primrose.” Jason and Jimmy also highlight a blog entry at the Disney blog, Blue Sky Disney which reported that Lucasfilm is working on a film about fairies and recently copyrighted the name “Primrose.”

What is a Primrose and what does it have to do with fairies?Primroses were considered fairy flowers in Ireland and Wales, where they were believed to grant fairies the power of invisibility. Eating primroses is supposed to enable you to see fairies. Hanging a spray of primroses on your door is said to be an invitation to the fae to enter your home, and to draw fairy blessings; but scattering primroses outside your door is said to keep fairies away by making a barrier that they cannot cross. Touching a fairy rock with a primrose posy that contains the right number of blossoms (try five) is said to open the way to Fairyland and fairy gifts. Be cautious though, for using a bouquet with the wrong number of flowers is said to bring certain doom. Use primroses for fairy magic. Plant primroses in your garden to attract fairies to it. Be sure to take good care of them though, for allowing primroses to languish or die is said to earn you the enmity of fairies.

Primroses are one key into fairyland. There is a German legend about a little girl who found a doorway covered in flowers, and when she touched it with a primrose, the door opened up, leading into an enchanted fairy castle.

For more on primrose you can also visit Western Isles Wildflowers.

I think the boys at Rebel Force Radio are on the right track.

Chapman’s recent foray into the British Isles with Brave and her deep experience in family friendly animated films makes it pretty clear to type of feature film she was likely consulting on for Lucasfilm.

In June of 2013 we got a little more information about the “secret project.” In an interview Chapman revealed that Gary Rydstrom would be directing the film and that she had finished her work at Lucasfilm.

“I have been working on a project with Lucas for quite some time — about six months. When Lucasfilm was handed over to Kathleen Kennedy, she asked me to consult on the film to help solve its story problems. It was an opportunity for me to work with her. I felt honored to be asked by her, after what happened at Pixar. DreamWorks was very generous to me in postponing my start date with them so that I could work with Kathleen, also. My work on the project is done. My good friend, Gary Rydstrom, is directing it now.”

In July of 2013 I noted that there was a number of animation job postings from Lucasfilm primarily in Singapore which pointed to an animated feature film with a production timeline that ended in April or May of 2014.

In a recent interview with Rebel Force Radio, Dave Filoni speaking from Taiwan’s CGCG animation studio where they are working on Star Wars Rebels mentioned during the interview that; “our talented people at the Singapore studio are on other projects.”

Based on the hiring pattern in Singapore it appears that production on this animated feature is ramping up in October/November and that would fit in with Dave’s quote.

While I would prefer Lucasfilm animation be producing animated Star Wars features, it is important for the studio to build its brand and different intellectual properties in order to prove it’s worth to the parent company and to avoid the same fate that befell LucasArts.

SOURCES: Rebel Force Radio, Blue Sky Disney

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