In conjunction with the release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Six “The Lost Missions” on Netflix, supervising director Dave Filoni returned to the official Star Wars Blog and posted some of his story conference sketches for story arcs and episodes that were not far enough along in production to make it into season six.

Dave says in his post that he loves theories, so I thought I would oblige him.

Kashyyyk Arc:


These sketches seem to reveal the return of Tarfful to The Clone Wars. Perhaps an arc featuring Yoda visiting Kashyyyk and further establishing those “good relations” with the Wookiees.

Mon Cala II Arc:


Anakin and Padme return to Mon Cala and meet with King Lee Char and visit the surface Quarren city and meet with Senator Tikkes.

Monastic Darth Maul:


A single image of a heavily robed Darth Maul doesn’t seem to fit with the earlier sketch of Maul. Perhaps this is a later story after the fate of Mandalore is resolved.

Naboo Arc:


The sketch of Padme and a Naboo speeder bike could be related to the Mon Cala arc or it could be a completely different arc returning to Naboo and focusing on Padme.

Bounty Hunter Arc:


These images seem likely to be from the bounty hunter arc that former head writer Matt Michnovetz wrote for the series. In these sketches we appear to see Cad Bane and Boba Fett on Tatooine. The pair looks like it was visiting a Tusken Raiders camp. We also see a shot of Boba, Bane, Embo, Bossk, probably HELIOS-3E and another unknown youth walking the streets.

Quinlan Vos Double Agent Arc:


Probably one of the biggest arcs appears to be an adaptation of sorts of Quinlan Vos’s story from the comic books. Perhaps with Vos posing as a fallen Jedi and approaching Dooku about joining the Confederacy and the Sith. In one image we have a movie poster style sketch with the Jedi on one side, Darth Maul’s Death Watch on the other with Palpatine, Dooku and Maul looking over Quinlan Vos and what appears to be Vos and Maul dueling. The next sketch appears to show Vos over a fallen opponent potentially Dooku or Vos’ Jedi Master Tholme. The third image is of Vos carrying a unconsious or dead Asaaj Ventress. A Jedi going undercover with the Sith is something that we didn’t really see explored on The Clone Wars and I would be very excited if they take a less surfer-boy/silly route with Vos’ character in the series.

Ahsoka/Mandalore Arc:


Potentially a mind-blowing arc with Ahsoka briefing Jedi Council members (Yoda, Obi-Wan, Plo Koon, Ki-Adi-Mund and what looks like Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin), via hologram in the Temple war room and Ahsoka appointed Bo-Katan as the provisional leader of something, presumably of Mandalore. What would Ahsoka be doing working with the Jedi after she left the order? She has some ties to Mandalore so it is easy to see her returning there at some point during the civil war and Republic invasion.

Echo’s Return:


Dave reveals that despite what we thought we saw during the Citadel arc, that ARC Trooper Echo (ARC Trooper Fives’ brother from Domino Squad) survived the explosion that appeared to kill him. But perhaps he didn’t escape the blast unharmed as he appears to be wearing a cybernetic implant similar to Lobot’s Borg Construct Aj^6. Is Echo wearing it to combat injuries or for the ability to tap into computer technology?

What do you think of these images from untold Star Wars: The Clone Wars stories?

As Dave says,

While we weren’t able to tell every story in the Clone Wars era, there is plenty to look forward to. Every day there are amazing new Star Wars stories being developed here at Lucasfilm. I guess my intention here is to encourage you all to dream, to imagine, not just what these stories might have been, but what the possibilities are for other new stories which have never been told before. And maybe the person who tells those stories will be you. I hope you have enjoyed what was, and what yet might be, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

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