Star Wars: The Clone Wars News: The Series Was Planned For 7 Or 8 Seasons


In our latest Rebels Report podcast we interviewed The Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman who worked on four seasons on the show only two of which have aired as seasons four and five.

Brent revealed that they had completed writing on seasons six and seven including a series finale story arc. He went on to say that there were enough episodes written that the show could have also included an eighth season.

According to Brent the season 7 finale arc was hotly debated in the writers room. Just how was the series going to end is a question that fans may not ever get the answer to.

While it doesn’t seem likely that they will ever revisit the series in the animated form after the bonus content is released I would love to see them release novelizations of these unaired story arcs, a “Making of” book by J.W. Rinzler or even a compilation book of the un-aired scripts.

You can listen to the interview in it’s entirety below.

One thought on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars News: The Series Was Planned For 7 Or 8 Seasons

  1. Star Wars Fan

    Okay, so the show had two, possible three, more seasons drawn up for possible production. This has been rumored for some time now.

    However, with these how ending after season five (apart from the Lost Mission episodes), it’s my opinion that the seaosn five finale was changed to be the show’s final episode. If future episodes were intended to feature Ahsoka as Anakin’s padawan still, there is no possible way those can be released without major canon contradictions and issues. And I think that is why we may never see (and shouldn’t see) any more episodes.

    Something to consider for all the fans still flooding social media with daily demands to view full versions of seasons six through eight.

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