Star Wars Rebels Teaser #1: A Frame By Frame Look


Our long galactic nightmare is over, we finally are seeing some new Star Wars animation.  It may only be a teaser but it looked great and had some quick little asteroid nuggets of goodness in it. Check out some screen captures below and get your first look at Star Wars Rebels.


With an opening much like Episode IV: A New Hope, we see the establishing shot of a planet and two moons.


The planet could be Tatooine (which has 3 moons) or it could even be Coruscant (which has 4 moons) based on the coloration. The circular structure in the bottom right of the frame has me suspicious but one would expect more lights if it was Coruscant.


Our first glimpse of the Imperial Star Destroyer Rebels style. No prey in its sights.


A docking bay exposed with the same type of claw arm we see in A New Hope.


The round protrusion is the solar ionization reactor. Yes, I had to look that up.


Our first major departure in design, I can’t figure out what these wing-shaped things below the engines are.


The three engines that are lit are the primary KDY Destroyer I Ion Engines. The four smaller circular engines are not lit, they are the back up Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 Ion engines.


The depth and texture of the 3D animation looks tremendous in this teaser. One of the things that The Clone Wars did well was realistic ship design but featured more stylized character and environment designs. I expect we see a more realistic animation style in Rebels.


Partially see-through Star Wars Rebels Logo dropped off by Star Destroyer as clamps disengage.


Star Destroyer starts to pull away.


Star Destroyer far afield


Rebels logo sprouts jets.


After sprouting jets, the Rebels logo tilts and the jets engage jumping it to hyperspace.


The logo features four engines, two larger ones on the side and two smaller ones stacked in the middle. That looks a bit familiar.


A closer examination reveals that on the underside of the logo it appears the main characters ship, The Ghost is part of the Rebels logo.


The shape of the craft and the yellow paint highlights leave little doubt that this is the Ghost.


The Ghost jumps to the safety of hyperspace.


Coming out of hyperspace isn’t the Rebels logo but the Disney XD logo, the interior of the “XD” filled with Star Wars Rebels styled hull plating.


The XD logo as the star-lines settle in to stars.


The bright green and colors of the logo begin to fade to gray.


Like a static filled transmission, the XD logo phases in and out with a new image.


The logo begins to reveal the familiar form of a TIE fighter.


The TIE fighter wing phases in and out as it resolves.


The traditional six-sectioned solar panel/wing of a TIE Fighter.


The Full 15 second Teaser:

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  1. Of course everyone will say the trailor looks awesome even when it’s nothing special.

    They think George Lucas will read the comments and acknowledge them as a fan.

  2. Wait? What? You respond to a 15 second clip’s visuals (“looked good”) by complaining about the voice over?

  3. Right now I want to guess that the planet might be one we’ve never heard of. It could be the first world we witness being taken over by the Empire. Maybe, maybe not, but it is fun speculating!

  4. Thanks for showing there is more to this teaser than can be seen with one viewing. Most people are criticizing it for be just a star destroyer and a logo, but you have show how it actually creatively and subtly. It hints at the new ship “Ghost”, while at the same time alluding back to the Millennium Falcon’s trick of attaching to the back of a star destroyer.

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